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Villandry French Restaurant

Add:47 Nanchang Rd

Tel:021-3126 8801

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Villandry French Restaurant's interior design is exquisite and elegant, not only including fashionable elements but also retaining the historical essence of this hundred-year-old French building and thus maintaining its original solemnity.

The artistic antique furniture, along with the typical European ornaments, creates an elegant ambiance that perfectly blends with modern designs.

Old pictures on the wall and glittering crystal lamps impart gentleness and dazzling beauty to the restaurant.

Beside the restaurant, there is a separate lounge. For relaxing after dinner, it could be a good choice.

It is also a good place for afternoon tea, meetings and even an option for holding weddings.

The foreign-style villa plus an outdoor garden of 2,000 square meters, and a 400-seat ballroom with stage, can be decorated for almost any function.