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El Patio

Add:110 Fenyang Rd


Time:11:30am to late night

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


For those preferring to eat outdoors on sunny days, this Spanish restaurant located in a three-story old villa with both a leafy courtyard and spacious terrace is ideal. Their Spanish omelette, the traditional version and a chorizo version, show how the restaurant preserves the tradition.

Cheery gazpacho with olive oil ice cream, while sounding strange, tastes good. The fact that the soup is served cold seems to concentrate the flavor.

Pan fried baby squid with Spanish vinaigrette is recommended for seafood lovers. Meat lovers can try lamb chops or beef brochettes with baked tomato.

In terms of dessert, homemade lemon pie is a safe choice. More adventurous guests should try the carrot and pumpkin pudding, which is caramelized with saffron soup and served with orange ice cream.

Most of the waiters are Europeans who speak English fluently.