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Greyhound Café

Add:L5-503, Huaihai Zhong Rd 999





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Situated on 5/F - IAPM Mall, the new Greyhound Café rests in one of the most prosperous & dazzling of regions of Shanghai -- the Xuhui District. With gorgeous scenic views & a beloved shopping area nearby, the floor space accounts for 300 square metres and 130 seating available for guests - Another key highlight of the Shanghai Greyhound is the brand new alfresco concept, this, together with the artistic interior restaurant design by renowned international designers - ensures guests are guaranteed to enjoy the stunning vistas, that celebrate a Thai fusion mix, within a modern & trendy Shanghai setting.

It goes without saying that Shanghai will be the next cultural melting pot, filled with all the coolest and hippest fashion lovers. Great food with upcoming fashion, altogether makes for a natural, perfect match that compliments Greyhound Café’s brand philosophy.

Celebrity Visits

Greyhound Café has already become a beloved café among celebrities in each town it is featured – Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Jaycee Chan, Cherie Chung, William So, Christine Xie, Andy On, Deborah Lee, Michael Wong, Siu Yan Cha are all avid fans & followers in Hong Kong. Similarly in Beijing, artists like Ge You, Sun Hong Lei, Zhou Bi-Chang & film director Xie Xie Ko also have expressed their love for Greyhound Café. You can be sure that Greyhound Café Shanghai will follow suit, and be on top of the list as a local celebrities’ favorite hot spot.