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FQ Projects

Add:House 76, Lane 927, Huaihai Rd M.

Tel:021-6466 2940

Time:11am-6pm (closed on Mondays6



Fax:021-6466 2940

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


FQ Projects provides a unique platform for the promotion and development of young and mid-career contemporary artists. 

It is located in Huai Hai Fang, a lane favored by the Shanghainese bourgeois class and at the heart of Shanghai both geographically and culturally. 

Over the years FQ Projects has participated in a number of major international art fairs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, LA, Busan among others. In addition, a number of magazines and newspapers, such as Time Out, often publish articles about FQ Projects and its exhibitions. Our international outreach, combined with frequent media coverage, has ensured our artists are always visible. 

Many of the artists supported by FQ Projects have, in fact, achieved recognition worldwide. The young Shanghanese artist Yang Yongliang stands out as one of the gallery’s best investment. Not only is he considered one of the most up-and-coming young artist in China, his works are now shown throughout the world and their value has impressively increased. 

Each Year FQ Projects carries out a number of exhibitions by artists working with different medium, designed to bring together a varied audience, from artists to critics, from curators to collectors and the general public. 

In Danshui Lu, FQ Projects has opened an additional art space, intended to make art more accessible to the general public, where different types of art-related events are organized throughout the year.