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Song’s Strawberry Garden

Add:Jinhai Rd, Caolu Town, Pudong New Area

Tel:1580 0850 029



Song’s Strawberry Garden has two plots, one on Jinhai Road and another near Shanda University Jinhai Campus. Its strawberries are small in size but very sweet and tasty. One kilo costs 60 yuan. The garden also grows baby tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouse vegetables for agro-tourism.

How to get there:

Drive on the Outer Ring Road to Jinhai Road. After passing a bridge near the end of road, drive for another 800 meters and the strawberry garden is on your right.

Drive on Jinhai Road and then on Huadong Road toward Shanda University. Another garden is right across the road.

Take Metro Line 12 to Jinhai Road, then take Bus 991 to Minyao Road bus stop.

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