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Holiday Island Farm

Add:18 Sanwan Rd, Beishuang Village, Gangxi Town, Chongming County

Tel:400 999 0133



Holiday Island Farm on Chongming Island began growing strawberries in 2007 and is now a favorite weekend getaway for urban people. Visitors can pick and eat fresh strawberries in the 6.7-hectare farm which cooperates with an agricultural farm in Taiwan. They can also pick cabbage, carrot and broccoli and have them cooked in a kitchen there.

How to get there:

Drive to Chongming Island via Yangtze River Tunnel-Bridge, continue on Chenhai Road, Sanhua Road and Sanwan Road to reach the farm.

Take Bus Shenchong Line 3 from Wenshui Road in Zhabei District or Bus Shenchong Line 6 from Jufeng Road in Pudong.

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