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La Creperie (Jing'an Branch)

Add:1/F, 1601 Nanjing Rd W.

Tel:021-3253 7978

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


When Phillipe Ricard noticed that the former French concession was lacking a creperie, he started what has become an emerging chain. La Creperie first opened on Taojing Road in 2007 and has locations in Hong Kong and Vietnam. The second Shanghai eatery in Reel Mall seats more than 100 inside and on an outdoor patio.

Ambience: Nautical. There’s a charming seaside feel, with blue walls and lighthouse-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Anchors and other decor imported from northern France, as are crepe ingredients.

Who to invite: Weekend brunch sets range from 128 to 168 yuan, perfect for a laid-back feast with friends. The menu is extensive.

Food: Big. Everything is sizable, from hearty portions to its sizable menu. More than 30 savory galettes range from traditional favorites like the L’Echumal (French reblochon cheese, potatoes, sliced Bacon, onion, salad) to more exotic fare like the spicy La Nantaise. Many sweet crepes include standout options such as Le Defi, a mix of homemade caramel ice cream, cooked bananas and salted butter caramel. Fin de Clair oysters imported from Brittany are popular. Soups and salads available.

Drinks: Four types of imported French cider, wine, beer, cocktails, coffee, tea, soft drinks.

Recommended: The La Pino (salmon, spinach, egg, Salad) typifies the hearty size and mix of organic ingredients. Of course, Le Defi.

Cost: 272 yuan for two: La Piano savory crepe, La Pino, La Défi, and two cups of Val De Rance cider.