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Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Add:Western Sheshan Hill

Tel:021-5765 1723



Atop scenic Sheshan Hill is the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, the site of the Sheshan Observatory Station built by French Jesuits in 1899. The building, in French-style architecture, was converted into a museum in 2004.

The museum is divided into two areas. One displays the timeline of achievements in Chinese astronomy, while the other zone focuses on international scientific exchanges. Exhibits narrate the introduction of Western astronomy to China and explain how modern Chinese astronomy evolved. 


Among the popular exhibits is a collection of astronomical instruments, including a binocular refracting telescope, one of China’s oldest, with a diameter of 40 centimeters and a focal length of 7 meters. In 1898, a priest named Stanislaus Chevaliev raised funds to bring the telescope to China from Paris. At the time, it was the largest telescope in East Asia. 

In 1901, the Sheshan Observatory was opened, and Chevaliev became its first leader. The observatory underwent major renovation in 2013 and reopened to the public in 2014.