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Huangdaopo Memorial Hall

Add:1111 Longwu Rd

Tel:021-6451 3369

Time:9am-11am; 1pm-4pm


This interesting memorial hall is dedicated to the woman who made great contributions to the development of the Chinese traditional handcraft of cotton textile production.

Huang Daopo was born in 1245 and became a great innovator in textile techniques who was committed to revolutionizing the backward textile production tools in her hometown, Songjiang in Shanghai. She conceived advanced textile technology and generously taught people. Very soon, Songjiang became the center of cotton textiles in China and flourished as such for several hundred years.

Recently, this memorial hall inside the Shanghai Botanical Garden opened to the public after a two-year restoration.

Taking up an area of more than 2,000 square meters, the newly reconstructed hall includes a secluded courtyard for cotton plantation, a pavilion and a marble boat over a pond.

To protect the park, the maximum number of people allowed into the hall at one time is restricted to 100. Visitors need to get a number at the entrance.