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Add:47 Yongfu Rd


Time:Sun-Thur: 5pm-11pm;Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Western dining venues often tend to get very posh and expensive in Shanghai, but Bocado is well - designed and easygoing at the same time, not to mention the great sangria that can be irresistible even for those who don't normally drink. The fruity concoction-fresh sliced fruit in a wine-based drink - has a tempting crystal color and a sparkling flavor. Good sangria also indicates a good selection of wine from Spain, both red and white, at a reasonable price. Other cocktails like vodka with lychee and lime or a rum-based drink lit up by ginger are also impressive.

The balanced combination of texture and taste of its signature paella is a pleasant plus to the great drink menu, and like many Spanish restaurants, the selection and flavor of the tapas is satisfying, whichever drink is ordered.