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Mahota Farm (Sun Island Branch)

Add:2588 Shentai Rd, Zhujiajiao Town

Tel:021-5489 3304

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Mahota Farm at Sun Island Resorts covers 27,000 square meters. Its "Love & Laugh" team, which shares health and happiness tips, prepares a personalized plan that includes growing and picking vegetables, creating herb and mini-pot arrangements, baking healthy scones, making jam from freshly picked fruits and practicing yoga in the open air.

One of the highlights is Kelong fishing developed in Malaysia. The word refers to a cluster of Southeast Asian style wooden houses built over water. You can jump from the platform in the water to catch fish with hand nets. You can try your own harvest after that as chefs prepare mini hotpot and barbecue with freshly picked vegetables and fish.

Mahota Farm aims to help people lead a healthy and balanced life. Its core concept is taken from "The Book of Changes," which is a classic Chinese text containing a sophisticated divination system and the key philosophical concept of yin and yang.