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Weiyu Teahouse

Add:92-94 Dadou Rd

Tel:0571-8803 8855

Time:9:30am-12am(next day)


Next door to Blue Liuli, Weiyu Teahouse also sells Chinese black tea, but the place could hardly be more different.

 Weiyu has a traditional antique look and draws the eyes to its facade — two characters, Wei and Yu (meaning “not rain yet”), made of natural wood planks, are framed by dried tree branches on the sides and fresh flowers below. It’s almost an installation artwork.

The wood planks are from old fishing boats, and all the tables in the teahouse are made of planks from old fishing boats. The oldest one, and the thickest one, is 30 centimeters thick and about 300 years old, and it has been placed at the entrance.

There are other collectable items in the teahouse, too, including a dozen calligraphies by Buddhist masters (which are not for sale) and amber accessories (which are for sale). Tea for one customer costs from 98 yuan to over 300 yuan, and nuts are offered as snacks. Only one green tea, Longjing, is provided, and black teas include Pu’er tea, Wuyi rock tea, Lapsang souchong and many other kinds.