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Xiangji Yinyu Boutique Hotel

Add:128 Dadou Rd

Tel:0571-8837 0666


It’s easy to miss this hotel if you aren’t paying attention. Even if you are looking, the hotel is easy to confuse with an ordinary house.

That’s appropriate since yinyu means “hidden in a field,” and xiangji is a name borrowed from its neighboring Xiangji Temple, though the two are not formally linked.

Many Buddhists come from all around the country to stay at the hotel, which has an unusual zen theme. Incense burning in the hall clues visitors to the zen culture. Inside there is little decoration, save for calligraphy. The place is enveloped in music of the qin and the smell of burning incense.

The rooms are sparsely decorated, yet all have tea tools and incense ceremony tools. Stone, bamboo and wood are the main materials of the interior finish, while small gardens of bamboo and Buddha sculptures dot the establishment.

The hotel focuses on health and makes organic cuisines. The room price is from 600 yuan to 1000-plus yuan.