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Shui An Shan Ju Tea House/Hotel/Restaurant

Add:Xiangshan campus of China Academy of Art


Shui An Shan Ju follows the style of the entire campus:The path leading people to the gate is paved with recycled tiles. The walls of compacted soil are extremely solid, so much so that a fingernail can’t scratch it, even though the material is just soil from nearby hills.

Bamboo strips line walls, and a structure that looks like an accordion-style rack supports the tile-paved roof that tops the rammed-soil walls.

The inner decor of the tea house is traditional and blends with the look of the facade. The bar counter is tile and brick, and the tea house includes sleek wooden chairs and shelves, woven bamboo chairs and tables, dried plants in unpolished porcelain containers, plus high French windows. It all makes sipping tea there an intriguing experience.

The first-floor ceiling, which is more than 4 meters high, does make it a challenge for heaters to keep the space warm in winter.

The restaurant next door sells Canton-style and Hangzhou-style food, and the average cost per person is about 50 yuan (US$8.20). The hotel’s rooms average about 800 yuan per night. Both feature modern interior decor.

Aside from concrete used to build stairs and some walls, all the building material for Shui An Shan Ju is from nature, including bamboo, wood and soil.

The building is a photographer’s paradise, especially at night when illumination adds some dramatic effects.