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Add:420 Xixi Rd

Tel:0571-8512 7176


Only a stone‘s throw from the back of Yuquan campus and the business district's high-rises, Teresa's cafe and Western restaurant has a clientele that's around 50 percent expat.But it's definitely not a business meeting spot, rather a cozy place with a strong arty vibe. On the walls hang around 100 paintings, either of customers, or of chef and co-owner Teresa Lu, all made by her husband and partner Lai Chenshan.

While Teresa cooks up the tasty fare, Lai looks after the business side of things.Teresa has been interested in making Western dishes since she was a child, while Lai studied art at college.Its Chinese name is a local slang for ''home" and Lai says he designs the cafe to make everybody feel at home.

Though the two-story eatery contains around 30 tables, Lai uses curtains and lattices to make it more cozy. And to get the ambience just right, the lamps on the tables have dimmers.Wherever a diner sits, they get a great view of some of the paintings on display. The largest is a wall painting of sunflowers, while the wall next to it is adorned with more than 20 small profiles of customers, all in an abstract style.And if you're puzzled by the numerous paintings of a short-haired woman with bangs - portrayed from the front, back or profile - look no further than the chef; it's Teresa.

Despite its number of tables and customers, the cafe does not hire any chefs, only assistants to help Teresa, who makes pasta, baked rice, steak and homemade pizza ?complete with bubbles of cheese.Teresa has created her own recipes and adapted Western dishes to suit local tastes. Always eager to innovate, in two years she has changed the menu five times.

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