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Zhejiang University's canteen for foreign students

Add:38 Zheda Rd

Tel:0571-8795 1828


Plenty foreigners are to be found here during meal time, partly because it was built for foreign students at Zhejiang University's Yuquan campus.
But it is also a restaurant open to the public, which for decades has earned itself a good name for tasty, low-priced meals. Evidence of its popularity can be seen in the long queues at meal times.

More than half of the dishes are priced below 10 yuan (US$1.6). For example: sauteed tofu is 5 yuan, and sauteed pork with sliced onion is 6 yuan.
The majority of dishes are local, and a menu with photos is available. But remember it's a canteen, so don't expect exquisite service. You might also have to wait by other diners - until they finish in order to grab their table.