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Magpie Bistro

Add:37 Zhijietansi Lane

Tel:0571-8815 2017


A block from Yan’an Road on Zhijietansi Lane, you’ll find a restaurant with a modern façade that contrasts sharply with the neighboring buildings. Entering it, you’ll find the décor is a combination of classical Chinese and Western. The magpie appears everywhere — the wall is painted in magpie feathers and the shelves are shaped like magpie nests. The magpie is an auspicious bird in Chinese culture. If it twitters on your roof, it means a forecast of a bright future.

The restaurant serves traditional Hangzhou cuisine and Cantonese food. Two must-orders include brown sugar-steamed buns and Tangxi meatballs. Unlike common white buns, the ones served here are brown due to a mixture of glutinous rice and brown sugar. Chefs top the buns with a pinch of brown sugar, which melts into thick syrup after steaming. The buns are hot fromthe oven, soft and fragrant. Meatballs is a signature dish of Tangxi Town of Yuhang District. It is said that it was created to treat Emperor Qianlong (1711-99) of the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) when he dropped in on Tangxi during his southbound trip.The Tangxi meatballs are made of shredded pork, vegetables and starch. The key step is to wrap them with a layer of glutinous rice and then steam.