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Zhou Suzhen Traditional Huzhou Wonton (Jietansi Branch)

Add:156 Jietansi Lane

Tel:0571-8510 1937



It may be hard to imagine a plain wonton shop can be crowded all day. But once you try the wonton here, it’s easier to understand.The wonton shop is hidden in a residential block and the façade is not eye-catching, but that doesn’t hurt its business.

If you go there during busy times, be prepared to wait for a seat. This wonton joint really proves that the news about good food gets around. It boasts traditional Huzhou wonton from the city in north Zhejiang Province, characterized by thin dough and ample fillings of a dozen

varieties, including meat, celery, cabbage, wild herbs, mushroom, shrimp and ham.

The 20-square-meter shop is simply decorated with wooden walls and tables.