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Zhi Wei Guan (Weiyuan Branch)

Add:343 Yangmeishan Rd

Tel:0571-8702 8123


The restaurant proudly claims a history of 100 years, featuring authentic local dishes and some southern China specialties including xiaolongbao (small steamed buns stuffed with pork), wonton soup, an award-winning dish called zuiji (chicken preserved in alcohol in a small jar), cat’s ear (a classic snack made of glutinous rice), lotus roots with sweet glutinous rice and many others.

Zhi Wei Guan can be translated as, “If you want to know (zhi means know in Chinese) my restaurant’s flavor (wei), just see (guan) my choice of ingredients.” A century ago, eatery founder Sun Yizhai established a humble snack bar near West Lake and posted the brand Zhi Wei Guan. People intrigued by the name and mobbed his place, finding the food savory and cheap.

The restaurant was listed as a time-honored food service brand in 1993 by virtue of its secret recipes and tasty fare. Whether it’s lunch or afternoon tea or dinner, Zhi Wei Guan is always packed with people. During busy times, diners have to queue up for seats.

The must-orders in Zhi Wei Guan include West Lake’s water shield soup, West Lake vinegar fish, home-made steamed buns, Longjing tea shrimp, beggar’s chicken and dingsheng cakes.