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Si Li Mei (Qingchun Branch )

Add:3-7 Qian Jiang Qi Yuan,Taipingmenzhi St

Tel:1860 5788 883


Winter may not seem like the best time to enjoy shaved ice, but if it’s good enough, the chilly weather won’t stop customers from flocking to taste the frozen dessert. Si Li Mei is always full of guests whether it’s winter or summer, and people even have to line up to wait for seats when it’s busy.

The legendary dessert brand originated in Xiamen, Fujian Province. All of the shaved ice served there is worth trying. Varieties contain mango, durian, watermelon, cantaloupe, banana and red glutinous rice.

What distinguishes Si Li Mei from other shaved ice brands is the dessert’s three components — milk smoothie, diced fruit and a layer of homemade milky liquid that gives the dessert a flower-like aroma.