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Fuyang Li Lao'er Juanmo

Add:93 Shuangling Rd



Juanmo (卷馍) is a delicious traditional snack from Fuyang, Anhui Province, that has become popular around China. Most of Hangzhou’s stores selling juanmo were opened by Anhui natives.

It is a version of Chinese spring rolls, which have fillings rolled in wrappers and deep fried. Fuyang juanmo is stuffed with hearty fillings, including bean sprouts, sausage, cabbage and meat, all simmered in soup for hours.

The secret of Fuyang juanmo lies in the soup. It contains many herbs and seasonings, and ingredients boiled in the soup taste mellow and savory.

Vendors first roll the dough into a thin wrapper and steam it; second, they scoop the simmered ingredients from the soup and put them on the wrapper; third, they add sauces ranging from seafood to sesame flavors; then they roll up the fillings in the wrapper, which is made into a cone shape. However, vendors don’t fry them like they do spring rolls.

Juanmo is a great choice for breakfast or afternoon dim sum.