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Cafe Niche

Add:31 Huimin Road

Tel:0571-8715 7809


The bakery's smell is attractive, as are its prices. Cafe Niche provides a Malaysian-style bakery, milk tea and coffee, with breads costing no more than 8 yuan, and coffees no more than 18 yuan.

All bakery goods are served hot, with a crispy crust and sweet smell, all in a South Asian style. Among its offerings are coconut toast and Nyonya cake. The salty Nyonya cake is a specialty stuffed with curry and chicken.

The coffees are made from beans imported from Malaysia, and Ipoh white coffee, at only 9 yuan, is a favorite. Pulled tea (teh tarik), a signature South Asian drink, is available at the cafe, and bartenders show the trick of "pulling" the liquid from one cup to another at the bar.

Hand-made ice cream also is available with bits of fruit in it.

The take-out window looks very narrow, but the cafe is spacious, with two floors and several dozen tables.