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Ayi Milk Tea (Huimin Rd Branch)

Add:31 Huimin Road

Tel:0571-8522 6858



The word "ayi" may be familiar. It means middle-aged woman, and can be used to refer to a cleaning lady or aunty. Ayi Milk Tea is a Shanghai brand that is now also in Hangzhou.

A middle-age Hangzhou lady who lives in a residential building on Huimin Road opened the milk tea store there a month ago. It already has won many customers because of its fusion milk tea, which combines milk tea with typical Chinese foods.

Fermented glutinous rice milk tea is worth trying - it contains fermented glutinous rice (酒酿), which is a sweet, soupy or pudding-like snack containing yeast and Aspergillus oryzae, a fungus used in Chinese cuisine.

Jiuniang was first developed as a by-product of rice wine production. It is mildly alcoholic, contains whole rice grains and is often made with sweet osmanthus flowers in the cuisines of Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

The drink shows that the flavor is a perfect match for milk tea, which dilutes the smell and taste of jiuniang's alcohol, while jiuniang adds aroma and sweetness to milk tea.

Another signature product is red glutinous rice milk tea. The red glutinous rice tastes lightly sweet and is used with other foods to make desserts.

Yang Yifeng, the ayi's son, says that all products are handmade by his mother with no chemical additives.