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The Story Cafe

Add:46 Doufu No. 2 Bridge

Tel:0571-8792 5823



This cafe collects people's stories, thus the name. The cafe is situated in a large, tall century-old wooden house and was opened by two young men in March.

The stories are written underneath the glass tabletops. There are photos of people and animals, too.One is the story of a 16-year-old boy in elementary school in a mountainous area in Gansu Province who might have to leave school because of poverty. Another is about a 24-year-old girl who got her degree in business management but has gone back for another degree in performance art. Another is about an abandoned dog who is now fat and happy after being adopted by a kind-hearted lady.

Customers are welcome to tell their stories and leave their photos with the cafe, and in the future, they plan to have a story room where people can walk in and videotape their stories. They plan to make a documentary from the videos.

The cafe is decorated in vintage style with posters of old Shanghai stars and old furniture. They don't have permission to serve food so they offer coffee and drinks.