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Chengliang Noodle Restaurant

Add:209 Jianguo Road S.


Owned by a Hangzhou native, the noodle shop has a large sign saying, "Anyone who's hungry can get a bowl of noodles for free."On the day the shop opened, a woman street cleaner visited and said she forgot her money. The server offered her free noodles. Sometimes beggars come in for a free meal or people dressed poorly ask for a free bowl.

Prices for most guests are in line with other noodle shops in the area - 11 yuan to 29 yuan (US$1.80-4.70).One yuan is donated by the eatery for each noodle bowl sold - the cashier drops a coin into a transparent box for each sale. Also, free tea is available at the restaurant.

Zhang spent 150,000 yuan to tastefully decorate the shop in Japanese minimalist wooden tables and chairs. The walls are covered with photos from his travels to 34 countries and regions.