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L'amour Cafe (Jinxiu Branch)

Add:28 Huancheng Road W.

Tel:0571-8724 3813



This cafe's name promises customers a French romantic style, and it doesn't disappoint. Owner Xia Zhiqing is a Francophile who has not only established a Gallic-themed cafe but also owns a French language study website.

L'amour is a rendezvous point for people interested of French culture. Dim light, old French and English books, paintings and old typewriters give the cafe a vintage touch. There are simple, gray fabric sofas and wooden tables.

Adorning the walls are posters of classic stars, such as Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley, reinforcing the cafe's arty credentials.
L'amour Cafe does not have a big menu - its specialty is coffees and cocktails.