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Former residence of Sha Menghai

Add:15 Longyou Road


The former residence of calligraphy master Sha Menghai (1900-1992) near the West Lake features elements of British architecture. Sha is widely regarded as a major figure in modern Chinese calligraphy.

He was also a master of carving seals, a master of the Shanghai School of painting and a writer about the aesthetics of traditional Chinese art.Sha was a professor at Zhongshan University from 1929, Zhejiang University from 1949, and the China Academy of Art from 1963.

The 1920s brick and timber residence is on a busy shopping street near the West Lake.All the items in the house are original. The first floor is open to the pubic and visitors can visit Sha's study where he wrote calligraphy, as well as his bedroom and parlor. The second floor is closed.

Sha moved to Hangzhou in 1949 and lived in the house until his death in 1992.