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Zilai Cave

Add:Yuhuang Mountain

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This is one of the coldest places in Hangzhou during the summer - it's 20 degrees Celsius at the entrance of the cave, about half the urban area's high temperature.Temperatures in the innermost area of the cave drop to 10 degrees, so bring a coat.

The cave is situated in the middle of Yuhuang Mountain. It's not a natural cave but was excavated during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) by priests from a nearby Taoist temple as a summer retreat and a place to practice spirituality.

Nearby restaurants and eateries: Lots of tea houses and restaurants run by residents living nearby are at the foot of Yuhuang Mountain, providing local cuisine and teas. There are also many youth hostels. Recommendations include Mandolin Restaurant/Hostel, which makes fusion cuisine; Nanshan House, which makes Hangzhou cuisine; Fleur de Lis, which makes European food, and Meilin Town Restaurant, which makes fusion foods.