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Jiangshu Railway Relic Park

Add:Jinhua Rd

Time:9am-11:45am ;2pm-4:30pm (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)


1907.8.23. The series of numbers, coupled with the characters "Gongchen Station," are on the facade of Jiangshu Railway Exhibition Hall, built in the style of an old-fashioned train station, with a brick wall and triangle rooftop. The number represents the day when the railroad formally opened - August 23, 1907.

An 125-ton, black-and-red locomotive standing behind the hall is from the early 20th century and came from the old Zhakou Station, as did two 45-meter-long sections of track.  The exhibition hall is like a museum, with displays of not only Jiangshu Railway history but other historical stories about trains.