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Silian 166

Add:166 Lishui Road


Warehouses and factories clustered at Gongchen block due to its access to the nearby wharf on the Grand Canal. A large silk factory in the area has been turned into a creative zone that is the most well-known loft in Hangzhou, attracting many businesses.

The zone, Silian 166, is named after the factory's name and street number. The silk factory was designed by the former Soviet Union experts, and part of it is still operating. But the zone, covering 6,600 square meters, is also a fashion hub with galleries, fashion boutiques and cafes.

Me Too Cafe, Chez Marie Cafe and Special Coffee are the three cafes in the zone. Me Too Cafe is constructed of glass, wood and brick and serves Western and Chinese foods; Chez Marie Cafe is French in style and fare; and Special Coffee is modern in style and offers Western foods.