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Qiaoxi Historic Block


This block next to the Grand Canal is now a scenic site because it boasts the greatest number of intact folk houses from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) among all the areas along the Grand Canal. After a 2010 facelift, the block focuses on folk culture and traditional medicine.

The block's center is Qiaoxizhi Street, west of Gongchen Bridge.

The appearance of Qiaoxizhi Street is consistent with the ancient stone bridge. Visitors can see the stone-paved roadway, old wooden walkways along the river still in use today and renovated black-and-white traditional houses with upturned eaves that are now home to restaurants, stores and museums.

Despite its rich heritage, this historic spot has far fewer tourists than other areas and can make for a fascinating and relaxed way to while away an afternoon.
Interesting stores on the road include Tao Yi Tian Ceramic Studio, Shu Yu Cafe, T Coffee, Happy Tea House and several restaurants.