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Train Inn

Add:1500 Jiangyue Rd, Pujiang Town

Tel:021-6051 2751


Credit Cards Accepted


The Train Inn in Pujiang Town offers visitors the chance to indulge in rail nostalgia without leaving town.

The restaurant, bar and hostel facility is built around retired rolling stock. Three of five old green carriages, imported from East Germany in the 1980s, have been converted into 16 soft sleepers for overnight accommodation. The remaining two coaches house the restaurant and bar.

In the middle of the inn complex is a 300-square-meter central square containing a steam engine from the 1970s. It’s there purely for decoration, but its presence sets the tone for the inn.

The open central square contains a partial underground area reserved for art exhibitions of photography and paintings. Mini concerts will also be held in the square, and films screened occasionally.

The inn features a modern glass-and-steel structure that serves as the grand hall and café. It can be a bit cold in winter because the only heat comes from a vintage oven.

The restaurant serves classic Shanghai cuisine. Room rates in the carriages start at 200 yuan a night.