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Moku Moku Tei Japanese Restaurant

Add:72 Baile Bridge

Tel:0571-8694 5699


If Baile Bridge Village were a big family, then Moku Moku Tei Japanese restaurant would be a delicately dressed and well-behaved daughter noteworthy for exquisite food and decor.

Run by a Chinese man and his Japanese wife, the restaurant makes traditional Japanese cuisine, meaning no California roll or sushi rolls with rice on the outside, but traditional Japanese udon (noodles), ochazuke (rice in tea soup) and roasted fish.

The restaurant has a rather small menu with about 20 cooked dishes as well as sashimi, with each dish artfully arranged in refined, color-coordinated plates and bowls.
The three appetizers are free to every customer: Pink shrimp is presented in a pink crystal bowl, white scallop adductor comes in a blue bowl and brown peanuts are placed in a green bowl.

For lunch, Moku Moku Tei offers only sashimi and the chef's specials. Customers are charged a 30 yuan (US$4.9) service fee each.