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Miss Xia's Restaurant

Add:43-3 Yuhangtang Rd

Tel:0571-8883 1977

Time:11am-1:30pm; 5pm-9pm


In north Hangzhou near the Grand Canal, there was a large factory that made ribbons and braids for women. But after the business departed, the six buildings it left suffered a dilemma - too old to be made into apartments, they also seemed too far from downtown for commercial use.

Last year, 10 years later, they were renovated and made into a creative park specially for architectural design firms, and the factory's big lunchroom is now Miss Xia's Restaurant.Old brick walls are painted white, as are old pipes overhead and the ceiling. The clean and simple style includes plants decorating the white brick walls and straw hats used as lampshades.

The food is primarily local cuisine, with a bit of adaptation. Recommended dishes include stone-pot tofu, boiled for hours to make sure the tofu absorbs the gravy; shrimp kebabs, and ma ci, (fried glutinous pudding), a traditional local dessert seldom seen nowadays.