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Ho Know Cafe

Add:A2 Phoenix International Creative Park, 1 Chuangyi Rd

Tel:0571-8709 8679



Visitors to this cafe are greeted near the entrance by a wooden log table with a naturally formed fist-sized hole in the middle. The round-table top, the cross-section of a tree, introduces the place's natural yet creative design theme.

Ho Know Cafe is located in Phoenix International Creative Park in Zhuantang Town in south Hangzhou. The park was a large cement factory, and the cafe is in what was a cement-mixing workshop, comprised of four round areas some four or five stories tall.The areas now have stairs and elevators, and the caf?is on the first floor, while the owner He Jianping, a Chinese-German designer, runs a company on the upper floors.

The cafe is spacious and comfortable, with a four-meter-high ceiling. It provides coffee, juice, steak, pasta, pizza, cookies, cakes and ice cream. A meal costs only about 30 yuan (US$4.91) per person. It's easy to linger for an afternoon to peruse the exhibits and the 26 kinds of design magazines in foreign languages. For cooler weather, there also is an outdoor area facing a lawn.

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