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Chez Marie

Add:F6, Silian 166, 166 Lishui Rd

Tel:0571-8830 9310


The earliest creative park in Hangzhou is Silian 166, a renovated silk factory, is a number of nice, cozy cafe.Among them, Chez Marie is run by a French chef and several Chinese who have worked and studied in France. Though a newcomer, it seems a natural with its artistic atmosphere.

The cafe opened two years ago and has agreements with several film fan clubs and art associations to host screenings, readings, fashion parties and art shows.
Especially attractive is the cafe's tall space and skylight, left from the old factory. Windows are small and few, so the owners decided on a red-and-black decor and stained-glass windows to match its original dark atmosphere.

The name was inspired by renowned French gourmet Marie, and its French chef, who has lived in China for more than eight years and makes only natural foods.
All the cuisine is hand made without additives or MSG, and cooks often use seasonal ingredients. During strawberry season in March, the cafe makes strawberry cakes, ice cream and cocktails.Pasta is Chez Marie's signature food. The ice cream also is recommended ?for this season, the green tea ice cream and jack fruit ice cream are excellent.