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Thousand Islands Lake Yuwei Restaurant(Tianmushan Rd Branch)

Add:323 Tianmushan Road

Tel:0571-8502 7779

Time:10:30am-2pm; 4:30pm-9pm


Fish from Thousand Islands Lake, a noted scenic area in Chun'an County of Hangzhou, is considered tastier and more tender because of the lake's favorable and unpolluted environment. Eating fish from the lake is considered a treat.

The most famous restaurant in Chun'an County has opened a branch in Hangzhou, bringing the authentic Thousand Islands Lake fish and cuisine to Tianmushan Road.Food from the Thousand Islands Lake area is influenced by Anhui Province due to its geography and tends to be much spicier than most Hangzhou delicacies. Chilies are a common ingredient used in the area's food.

The signature dish is Thousand Islands Lake fish head soup. The fish head is taken from a large bighead carp. Salt is the only seasoning used in cooking the soup. After hours of braising, the soup turns white and gives off a mellow smell. 

Another specialty is swim bladder stewed in soy sauce. Chefs use every organ of the fish, and the swim bladder is abundant in collagen, which is believed to have anti-aging properties. The swim bladder is al dente and smooth, without a fishy smell.