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Chez Shibata

Add:21 Zijinggang Rd

Tel:0571-8735 7582


Chez Shibata, the famed luxury Japanese patisserie/chocolatier started by master chef and founder Takeshi Shibata, opened in Hangzhou some two weeks ago on the first floor of Grandma's Kitchen. (The restaurant is still under construction.)Offering a selection of 10 exquisite cakes and pastries in the new branch, the Japanese-French fusion bakery specializes in confectionery dressed up with fancy garnishes.

The signature La Venus, an extra rich chocolate mousse cake sprayed with red cocoa powder, uses premium French 72 percent-cacao dark chocolate around a cube of vanilla Bavarian cream and a scattering of crispy chocolate pearls and marinated cherries.

Though there are few seats, the newly opened store sells out the treat almost everyday. Chez Shibata now owns three outlets in Japan, three in Hong Kong, and one in Shanghai (on Ziyun Road), and one in Hangzhou.