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Mangos Restaurant/Bar

Add:12-18 WestBrook Commercial Street

Tel:0571-8742 5612



Mutton is a speciality of Mangos, and they promise the meat has only a minimum of mutton's normally strong smell. The mutton chops and legs are bought from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where the restaurant says the sheep were range-fed on grass.

A special recipe keeps the meat's flavor fresh - cooks brush seasoning directly onto the meat while grilling instead of marinating them.You'll need reservations for the grill. Besides roasted mutton chops and legs, the menu provides just a few vegetables.

Mangos primarily is a bar open from 5pm to midnight, a quiet, Western-style bar specializing at cocktails reasonably priced at 25 yuan to 50 yuan. Other wines and beers also are reasonably priced as well.

A vocalist or a band performs starting at 8:30pm from Tuesday to Sunday, while the bar has a music theme, with walls of vinyl records and CDs, images of skulls wearing headsets, and guitars and ukuleles.