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Homewood Coffee

Add:13A Tian'e Street

Tel:0571-8110 3457


The cafe is built of solid wood and red brick with about 20 tables indoors and outdoors. And its logo, a coffee cup, is a huge installation that appears on the cafe's gate, and in relief on one brick wall.Homewood is a Korean-style franchise with Korean decorations, which serves coffee beans imported from South Korea and employs good-looking male baristas to lure young female customers who love Korean TV series.

The prices are similar to Starbucks -  and the kinds of coffee are similar. But it provides Korean-style drinks and ice cream, and also makes great waffles - waffle dishes occupy one third of its menu.Considering the recent agreeable weather, customers are encouraged to sit outdoors, where there is a garden with plants and liana creeps up the red-brick wall.