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Polar Research Institute of China

Add:451 Jinqiao Rd

Tel:021-5871 2101

Time:Mon - Fri,8:30am-11am; 2pm-4pm


The research institute was established in 1989. It’s the only center in China on polar research and logistics support, providing technical support to Chinese polar scientists.

It focuses its researches mainly on the influence of global climate change on polar ice, the ecological environment of polar regions, the ocean environment and mineral resources. It displays meteorites, ice samples and low-temperature organisms collected by Chinese scientists from the polar regions.

Visitors to the 1,000-square-meter display hall can learn about the geography of polar regions and China’s exploration via videos and pictures.

You can also find detailed information of Xuelong icebreaker, which was temporarily trapped in the ice of Antarctica and broke free and made its way out last week after it rescued 52 passengers from a trapped Russian vessel.