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Shanghai Railway Museum

Add:200 Tianmu Rd E.

Tel:021-5122 1987

Time:9am-11am; 2pm-4pm (closed on Mon, Wed, Sun)


Located on Tianmu Road E., Shanghai Railway Museum is built on the original site of the former Shanghai Railway Station, which was also called the Old North Station (Lao Bei Zhan).

The original historic station was built in 1909 in classical British style.The museum opened in August 2004. It has more than 1,000 objects and models related to China’s railway construction and tells the history of railways since they were introduced in China in the 1860s.It has about 1,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 1,300 square meters of outdoor display space, and shows antique trains, railways and an old station.

Two locomotives can be seen at the museum’s entrance, including a KD7-641,made in the United States in the 1940s. Its carriage was used by government officials during the Republic of China (1912-49).A smaller engine is a SN-26 steam locomotive for a narrow gauge railway that was used in mountainous areas of Yunnan Province.

Visitors can also experience the transportation of previous eras through multimedia exhibits.