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Three Travelers (Xuhui Branch)

Add:879 Zhaojiabang Rd



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The place, famous for its pig bone soup base, is so named because its small pot is usually recommended for a group of three people.

The large pot, with marrow-rich bones, bamboo shoots, pork and meatballs, is recommended for five to six. That is, if you don’t order anything else and only eat what’s inside the pot. This is a place to go with family and best friends, the kind you don’t mind being seen holding a large bone in hand and trying to get to the meat stuck on the bone and sucking out the bone marrow inside.

Of course, gloves are available.Many hotpot venues now serve the base in stainless steel vessels, but Three Travelers still uses the traditional clay pot (sha guo 砂锅), best known for squeezing the essence out of the bones and keeping the flavor and fragrance inside the pot. It is said the older the pot, the better.

In southern China, it is still common for people to boil soup for more than 10 hours in a broken pot held together with thin iron hooks.Here, the content-rich base soup is the main character. Anything dipped into the tasty soup instantly becomes appetizing in smell and flavor.