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Shu Gong Guan (Huaihai Rd M. Branch)

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The Chengdu-style hotpot restaurant is red inside out. Not only the hotpot is fiery red with various kinds of chilies, the place is decorated in shades of red.

Here, most people order yuan yang pot. The white soup is cooked with tomato and herbs, while the red one features a variety of chilies. Still, for those who didn’t grow up eating Sichuan hotpot, this “light” version is hot enough for starters. The oil and chilies help keep the soup hot, no matter how many ingredients you have put in, and the white soup will be the salvation when your tongue can’t take it any more.

The menu contains almost all the specialties of a Sichuan hotpot. Instead of meat, people in southwest are fond of internal organs, from cow’s blood vessels and stomach to pig’s brain and duck’s intestines. Local Sichuan people will tell you to do the intestines and blood vessels seven ups and eight downs, which means you dip it down and pull it up eight and seven times, respectively, before it is cooked to just the right texture.

The chili-marinated and sesame-seasoned fish slices is a must-try. When it gets too hot, tofu in the white soup can be a good idea to balance the oiliness and spiciness on the tongue, while bean curd is another popular option.