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Xin'an River Milky Suancai Fish (City Academy Branch)

Add:18 Jiushiliu Mutou

Tel:1311 6725 813


The restaurant's name is derived from its signature dish, suan cai yu, stewed fish slices served with preserved vegetables that are sour and spicy - a common dish in Sichuan cuisine. The owner and chef has added a twist to the dish, using soy milk and milk to soften the saltiness.

The restaurant near the City College of Zhejiang University introduced the dish in Hangzhou back in 2004, winning lots of student customers because of its affordable price - 30 yuan (US$4.90) to 40 yuan per person.The chef offers the dish at seven levels of spiciness. Another signature dish is tomato fish. In this concoction, the sour and spicy preserved vegetables are replaced with tomatoes.

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