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Fanji Furniture

Add:Bldg 15, Eastcom Creative Park, 139 Liuhe Rd

Tel:0571-8896 3099


The wooden tables, chairs, cabinets, beds and sofas are as simple as they can be: no carving or painting, neat, clean, natural and high-end, like Chinese-style Bauhaus furniture.Despite their simple shapes, there is design in the details, like a chair with a slightly concave seat and a back that holds people's spines in a supportive position, with legs that are sharp and elegantly inclined outward.

The Chinese round-back armchairs popular 300 or 400 years ago are also seen, but unlike traditional ones, they are varnished and lack carvings.
Muji bedclothes match the beds. Dried plants, like dried fruit and tree branches, decorate the place.

Though the furniture store appears very distinctive in the small suburban town, it matches the hills and green surroundings rather well.Coffee and cakes are provided at a cheap price - a cup of coffee and cookies is only 29 yuan, while a small pizza is 38 yuan.