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Canteen of Zhejiang Foreign Language College

Add:3 Qiuzhi Lane


This canteen is not as much a highlight for diners as it is for photography fans, because it is more than 50 years old and has not been renovated for decades.It looks about like it did 50 years ago, just older.

A white wall is painted with green smooth varnish about 1.5 meters high on the wall, like many old houses. It was popular to do so to keep the wall clean, while economizing by not painting the entire wall.Two electric ceiling fans work normally, despite being half a century old. Food is passed from the kitchen through a window in the wall that is tinted black and grimy after so many years.The huge old rice cooker and plastic thermos seem modern by comparison.

Cooks say that since the canteen belongs to Eastcom, they are not allowed to renovate it even though it has been leased to Zhejiang Foreign Language College.