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Shen Xian Ju Shaobing

Add:302 Xiangjisi Rd


This cooked cake, or shaobing, dubbed ”Chinese pizza" has a golden yellow, crispy crust, a mouth-watering smell and comes in savory and sweet varieties. Unlike pizza's toppings, shaobing is stuffed with preserved vegetables and meat.Considered a grassroots, typical Chinese snack and breakfast food, shaobing rarely appears on menus of restaurants.

It is usually sold on streets, especially in residential communities. Shen Xian Ju is a low-profile store that offers the treat. Customers often line up in front of the oven waiting for batches of hot, fresh shaobing to emerge. During the wait, they can watch the vendors making it - inserting stuffing into the dough, rolling it into round or elliptical shapes, and topping it with black or white sesame seeds. Then, they put the dough inside the oven.