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Hai Di Lao (Yongjin Plaza Branch)

Add:5/F, Yong Jin Plaza, 135 Yan'an Rd

Tel:0571-8708 8050

Time:All day long


This franchise has a nationwide reputation for five-star service.While such cases may be a bit exaggerating, any visitor can actually experience such nice touches as hand cream, toothbrushes and paste, and even cosmetics. Long-haired ladies get a string to bind their hair while those who wear glasses get a cloth to keep their peepers clear.Nail polish, hand care and Internet service are available at the waiting area, all free.

Then comes the food. It matches the service. Raw food is fresh. Try tomato soup, rich and thick, seafood soup or the mushroom soup, clear and mild.Beef and mutton rolls are classified into nine kinds - the top beef is Australian Snowflake Beef and the top mutton is from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The prices are a bit more expensive than those of its competitors, but one can order half of a dish.