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Yuanyiguo Goat Spine Restaurant (Baijingfang Lane Branch)

Add:10 Baijingfang Lane

Tel:0571-8517 7977


Chinese people love mutton in winter because it is believed to warm the body and strengthen energy. Boiled goat spine is considered a delicacy because the bone is rich in calcium and the meat is lean. Stewing the goat spine for a long time helps the broth absorb nutrients and makes the soup taste better.

The goat spine hot pot is the restaurant's signature. They add ginger, scallions and pepper to the broth to tone down the strong goat meat odor.

The restaurant also sells barbecued food such as goat spine, goat hoof, goat shank and goat rib, all salted and peppered. Other foods for the pot are customary ones.